Elasto-plastic viewing the bottom of the notch

In the notch strain concept (KDK), also known as the basic notch concept, the local stresses and strains for the failure-critical location of the component are calculated on the basis of elastic-plastic material behavior and compared to the locally bearable stresses and strains. The beginnings of the notch basic concept go back to LAWRENCE. It was later prepared in detail by SEEGER. It can be used for both welded and unwelded steel structures. It is assumed that the damage behavior in the notch root is equivalent to the damage behavior of an unnotched material sample, see figure on the right.

When notch strain concept must like the notch stress concept, the geometry values and the material condition in fail-critical crack initiation site completely to be writable. In contrast to the Notch stress concept, which is based mainly on experimental studies, but tried the notch strain concept to grasp the real stress and failure processes approximate calculation. Only the material parameters based on experiments in uniaxially stressed, un-notched sample of material. It can be set up to technical crack initiation at a given load follow directly the life of components. There is also the possibility to determine computational scribe SN curves for the application of the rated stress-, structure stressor notch stress concept. Some applications of the method for steel structures can be found for example in the publication list.

Unnotched reference sample for simulation of stress-strain behavior in the notch root
How to notch strain concept
The individual calculation steps in the notch strain concept

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