Structural engineering

Structural and civil engineering is one of the core tasks of civil engineering.

Structural engineering refers to the sub-area that deals with buildings above ground level. This includes both the preliminary planning and the actual construction of the buildings/objects. The construction methods used are solid construction, timber frame construction, skeleton construction (half-timbering), bulkhead construction and system construction. As buildings can serve many different purposes and have different requirements depending on their purpose, they can be roughly divided into eight sub-categories. A distinction is made between administrative and bank buildings, educational and research facilities, healthcare buildings, event buildings such as museums or religious buildings, residential buildings, sports and leisure facilities, department stores and industrial buildings. There are always mixtures and overlaps between these different forms. Examples of high-rise buildings are towers, residential and commercial buildings.

Our portfolio in the field of structural building construction covers a wide range of areas. This ranges from bridge construction to hall constructions in solid and steel frame construction to overhead lines as lattice masts or with tubular steel sections. This also includes other designs in the individual areas such as the dimensioning of chimneys or masts for radio antennas.

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