Pipes and pipe supports

Pipelines and pipe bridges are used to transport fluids (gases, liquids, pumpable solids). The pipelines are made up of different components (pipes, pipe fittings, expansion pieces, fittings, seals, connecting elements such as flanges, screw connections, sleeves and fastening elements for pipe support).

The dimensions of the pipelines can range from a few centimetres to several metres in diameter and, in the case of a pipeline, can extend over several thousand kilometres.

Messungen an Rohrleitungen
Messungen an Rohrleitungen

The material of the pipeline is selected according to the static and dynamic loads (traffic loads, earth pressures, pressures from inside or outside), mechanical loads (flow velocities, bedload materials), corrosion as well as temperature of the medium and outside temperature.

FEM Modell eines Gestells für Rohrleitungen
FEM model of a frame for pipework
FEM Modell einer Versorgungseinheit
FEM model of a supply unit

Especially in the industrial sector, many pipelines are laid between tanks and company buildings. At the same time, however, it must be ensured that traffic routes are not blocked. In these cases, pipe bridges are often used to divert the pipelines, which must be designed for the corresponding load.

Depending on the temperature of the material to be transported or the ambient temperature, the expansion of the material must also be taken into account during dimensioning, as well as slippage in the brackets or other bearings. Expansion joints are used to compensate for this.

Expansion joints are flexible pipework components that can compensate for changes in length and angle in pipework. They therefore protect pipework, machines and equipment from damage. Expansion joints reliably compensate for changes in length and angle caused by temperature differences, foundation subsidence or installation inaccuracies. There are different types of expansion joints, such as axial expansion joints, lateral expansion joints, angular expansion joints and universal expansion joints. Expansion joints are mainly used in pipelines for cold and hot water, steam, petrol, oil, gases and chemical products. The expansion joints are usually specially designed and customised for a specific application.


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