Services for hydraulic steel construction

A dam consists of a fill of stone gravel or a dam wall. A distinction is therefore made between fill dams and dams.

The main part of a dam is the supporting body. It is usually sealed with a sealing layer inside or on the water side and often consists of zones of varying permeability. The dam usually consists of a thin reinforced concrete wall. A so-called apron seal is an inclined layer on the water side. An external seal made of concrete, asphalt or plastic foil is also an option. Because of the better stability, non-cohesive material is used for the supporting body if possible.

Detail of deep contactor

Natural frequency analysis of a low contactor for a dam in consideration of various heights for the water column.

Deep contactor
Deep contactor from the dam "Subansiri" in India

Calculations of dolphins

Berthing dolphins and friction piles are to be dimensioned for mechanical loads due to ship impact and hawser pull. For this purpose, a dolphin is assembled from several sheet pile sections and often supplemented by inclined and back plates (see cross-sections Q2 and Q3 in the figure on the left).

With the known calculation methods, for example, the necessary embedment depth is determined at which the dolphins and piles have the desired component resistance against a ship impact.

With the help of numerical simulations individual questions can be processed, such as 

  • Determination of the local stress and deformation state for the contact point under a dynamic load (ship impact, hawser pull)
  • Optimization of the cross-sectional dimensions for material savings
  • Determination of the remaining service life of a cracked dolphin or pile under consideration of the progressing corrosion
Geometry of a feed dolphin
Global Model for a steel dolphin
Submodel for local stress calculations
Stress concentrations in corrosion-related decrease in thickness taking into account the roughness

Our services

The following constructions for hydraulic steel building can be measured by the SKI engineering company:

  • Static calculations
  • Dynamic calculations (z.B. infolge Wellenbelastung, Strömung)
  • Detailed proofs (e.g. for connections, anchorages)
  • Sheet piling
  • Berthing
  • Friction piles
  • Anchored back quay walls
  • Lock gates
  • Deep contactor of dams

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