Tripile Gründungsstruktur

Tripile foundation structures consist of a tripod construction which tapers in the upper apex and joins together to form a supporting cross. The steel pipe sections of the wind turbine are placed and connected in this area. In the lower area, three foundation piles are driven into the seabed, on which the tripile construction is placed. This process is also called pre-pilling, as the piles are set first. The arrangement of the piles corresponds to that of an equilateral triangle. This pile foundation is carried out to a depth of 30m, depending on the nature of the seabed.

This type of foundation for offshore structures can be used in water depths between 25 m and 50 m. The advantage of this construction, compared to monopiles, is that three piles are now used instead of one. This distributes the force over several piles, which means that smaller diameters are required. This reduces the effort and material (wall thicknesses) during production, transport (diameter) and assembly (weight). Depending on water depth and ground conditions, the selected foundation structure can be modified.

OWT - Tripile

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