The measurement of Temperatures is carried out by so-called thermocouples, which are glued to the prepared surface of the object to be examined. These elements convert heat into electrical energy using thermoelectricity. They consist of two different metals that are connected together. The difference in temperature between the two metals creates an electrical voltage which can then be measured.

With the help of these elements, the temperature is measured at regular intervals and recorded over the period under investigation.

Experimental setup of a welding experiment with thermocouple


SKI Ingenieurges. mbH offers the following services in the field of temperature measurements:

  • Test accompanying and monitoring activities
  • Construction and calibration of numerical models for recalculation
  • Recalculation of test results in the static, dynamic and transient range
  • Evaluation and interpretation of measurement results, as well as comparison of numerically supported test methods
  • Creation of measurement concepts, reports and expert opinions



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