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Als Small wind turbines (SWT) are wind turbines with a nominal output of up to 500 kW or a wind attack area of up to 200 m². They can also be used by private customers to feed the generated electricity into the grid and sell it or to cover their own needs directly. 

They are particularly suitable for industrial areas and agricultural regions. A special feature is to place them on already existing farm buildings (see illustration left). In this way, the height and thus greater wind speeds can be exploited and efficiency increased. The wind turbines are mounted on the buildings with substructures in order to better transfer the forces and protect the roof construction.

Farmers often use the large open spaces available to them to build the KWEA. There they can reach a height of up to 40m. The most common supporting structure used in KWEA is the lattice tower (see picture on the right).


The design of a small wind energy system is similar to that for large wind turbines. As part of the assessment we can offer the following services:

  • 3D modeling of skeletal structures
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Structure calculations in the ultimate limit state
  • Dynamic structure analyzes
  • Static and dynamic structural analysis
  • Evidence for welding and wolted connections
  • fatigue calculations
  • Design and dimensioning of supporting structures
  • Calculation of wave loads in combination with other effects
  • Spannungs- und Stabilitätsnachweise
  • Static-constructive assistance in certification 
  • Measurement concept for Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

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