Transmitter and radio masts

Masts can be erected as steel or concrete structures. These serve as supports for different systems. They can be used for wind turbines, transmitting antennas, measuring stations or systems for the radio network (5G). In the middle of the 20th century, transmission masts were almost exclusively used as carriers for transmitting antennas.

Nowadays, hardly any classical transmitter masts are erected, since the use of existing buildings is usually sufficient for digital data radio. For this purpose, for example, available areas on the tubular towers or lattice towers of wind turbines are used. Another possibility is to use wind turbines that have reached the end of their service life. In this case, the nacelle with its hub and rotor blades is removed and the transmitter including a platform is placed on the existing support structure. In this course, the supporting structure must be examined with regard to lateral vibrations, natural frequencies and service life.

Ballastierung eines Gittermastes
Ballasting of a lattice mast

The SKI engineering company is able to accompany this conversion in an expert opinion. This includes recording the current condition of the plant and, if necessary, the existing natural frequencies using measurement technology. This serves as a basis for further investigations and evaluation of the supporting structure. The measurement data are also used to validate the calculation models on which the structural analyses are performed. Especially the susceptibility to wind induced lateral vibrations is of special importance.

Our services

The SKI Ingenieurges. mbH can be used for the design of new Masts and smokestacks and the conversion of existing constructions to be constructed and the conversion of existing tanks systems:

  • Bestandsaufnahme und gutachterliche Beurteilung von bestehenden Konstruktionen bezüglich einer Umnutzung
  • Static calculations in the limit states of the Sustainability, servicebility state and Fatigue limit of supporting structures including foundation and anchoring
  • Verifiable static calculation for the conversion of supporting structures or extension with extensions (transmission and radio technology) including detailed verifications (e.g. for connections, brackets and platforms)
  • Dynamic structure analyzes (natural frequency analysis) for defined excitations (e.g. due to Vortex induced vibrations)
  • Determination of the load and verification of the structure in case of earthquake load
  • Stress and stability analyzes of constructions in steel or concrete
  • Expert reports and remediation concepts in case of damage

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