Steel construction - Constructive - Innovative

In addition to the planning and consulting activities in the construction industry, we are also engaged in innovative development work in the field of

steel support structures für renewable energy systemsand the measurement monitoring and evaluation of constructions.


The Focus and professional competence in the field of steel and solid construction reaches from the development and completion to series production onshore to offshore

Renewable energy

The field of renewable energies covers a wide range of supporting structures for wind energy plants, containers for biogas plants and fermenters

Connection technology

Special know-how exists in the assessment and design of welded and bolted joints in industrial construction and in the field of wind turbines

Structure analyzes

Our portfolio includes several calculation tools to cope with complex tasks in static, dynamic and transient areas

Measurement technology

Various measurement applications are available for the creation of measurement concepts and the evaluation and interpretation of measurement campaigns



Unsere Innovationen und Leistungen für Ihre Zukunft

Building monitoring and condition monitoring

No vacancies at present. However, SKI is always open for unsolicited applications.

Internship at SKI

The SKI Ingenieurges. mbH looking for intern with fun at constructive and innovative tasks. We offer a varied and interesting internship in Hanover.

Preference is given to students of the specialization in "Structural Engineering" in higher semesters. This is an advantage but not a requirement. If you want to become a structural engineer and eager to share their theoretical knowledge to the test, then we offer you the opportunity to bring your performance within a team of specialists.

Your work focuses in the field of structural engineering, modeling, static and dynamic analyzes of structures and numerical simulations.

Basic knowledge of modeling and calculation software are desirable but not mandatory. In this respect, teamwork and communication skills are essential for your work with our colleagues.

If interested, please feel free to contact us.



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