Silo and tank construction

In addition to the stress analyses, the global and local stability cases must also be checked. This includes e.g.

  • Circumferential pressure dents caused by wind load and / or vacuum
  • Axial pressure buckling as a result of roof and snow loads
  • Shear buckling due to a torsional moment (eg, agitator) 
  • Local instabilities (eg, ports of consoles, manhole)
  • Verification of the substructure (e.g. connections, kinks)
  • Anchoring in foundation (e.g. foot ring stiffener, anchor plate, anchor rods)
Ansicht von Behältern

The portfolio of containers, silos and tanks includes a wide range of different designs and uses. There are containers with underground installation, substructure or intermediate and standing frame.

Just as different are the performances of the different bottoms from thorispherical, conical, spherical head or flat bottom to the hopper.

Depending on the material or filling, other proofs are used to a higher degree. For example, bulk materials cause additional axial loads during filling or emptying or the earthquakes which lead to a higher load in case of axial buckling. In the case of liquids as well as overpressure, the tensile forces in the shell plate due to the ring tensile forces become decisive. Negative pressure due to operation as well as wind effects have an effect on the buckling proof in circumferential direction.

RTO-Anlage mit Bühne
RTO system with stage
BIOCAT-Wäscher, inkl. Austattung
BIOCAT scrubber
Fat extraction tank

SKI Ingenieurges. mbH provides the static and dynamic checks in the ultimate limit state, serviceability or fatigue for silo and container constructions.In the same way, expertises can be prepared in case of damage.

For special applications of our calculation tools please contact us.


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