Platforms and platforms

Especially in the area of industrial plants and business parks, platforms, stages and podiums are used. Wherever accessibility to operating elements, maintenance areas or other installations must be guaranteed. Some examples are silos, containers, radio masts, wind turbines, visitor platforms, maintenance and operating platforms, resting platforms of ladders or platforms in combination as elevation for tanks.

The static calculations include in particular the primary supporting structures (main and cross beams, consoles) of the platforms. Stress and stability analyses are performed for the profiles. A further component is the selected connecting means. The frictional connection at the ends of the girders is carried out by means of a welded connection or a screwed connection. In order to be able to transfer the load and the dead weight of the respective platform into the respective construction, it is statically checked in the support area. in a limited area. When connecting to constructions with smaller wall thicknesses or stiffnesses it can that reinforcing plates must be provided to ensure that the effective width of the load introduction and a local to counteract dents or failure.

Staircase design
Tank mit Manteltreppe
Tank with shell stair construction
Funkmast mit Plattform
Radio mast with platform
Plattform auf einem Reaktor
Platform on a reactor

Our services

SKI Ingenieurges. mbH can offer the following services for the area of platforms, stages and platforms:

  • Static calculations for platforms, stages and platforms
  • static calculations for railings and stairs
  • Detailed checks for connections
  • Dynamic calculations (e.g. due to an agitator)
  • Evidence for earthquake loads
  • Numerical simulations (e.g. buckling stability, buckling, torsional flexural buckling)
  • Load introduction into the basic structures
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Determination of deformation states
Deformation of a stage construction

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