Finite Element Berechnungen

The Finite Element Method (FEM), also called "Method of finite elements", is a numerical method to solve partial differential equations. This method is a modern calculation method and widely used in engineering. The method provides an approximate function to the exact solution of the differential equation. The accuracy of the calculations can be improved by increasing the degrees of freedom. At the same time, however, this also increases the computational effort.

The FEM analyses can be used to work on a variety of engineering tasks. The different types of analysis include, for example, the following:

From CAD to FE model

A 3D CAD model is created for the component to be examined, which precisely describes the geometric conditions. For certain geometric details, simplifications may be made, e. g. unimportant details such as bores, chamfers or weld seams are not modeled. These steps are called idealization. 

In the building industry, it often happens that some components have a symmetry and thus allow a reduction of the calculation model. By using balancing boundary conditions, the same statements can be made as for a full model. Smaller models reduce computing times and the amount of data to be processed. 

FEM model
CAD model
Connectivity detail

Calculation / FEM analysis

Before the actual calculation can be carried out, the loads and boundary conditions (storage, material properties, etc.) must be defined. Then the model is transferred to the solver, which first performs a plausibility check and checks whether sufficient boundary conditions have been formulated to solve the problem. If this is not the case, e.g. if elements have a too strongly distorted mesh or the bodies to be calculated are movable, the analysis is aborted. 

Mesh of the model
Connectivity detail

If the boundary conditions are completely defined, the physical model is converted into a mathematical model. For this purpose, stiffness matrices are created which reflect the properties of the model. Together with the acting loads a system of equations results, which the solver tries to solve. The results can be displayed in different sizes:

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