Offshore platforms as "sockets" on the high seas

Until now, it connects Offshore platforms with the oil and gas industry. Lately are planning for the transformation of energy and the development of offshore wind farms but offshore platforms needed as transformer stations or substations.

This type of offshore platforms is the central element of a wind farm. They serve as a collection point for the submarine cables of the individual substructure , and are therefore also sometimes referred to as "sockets on the high seas." Within the topside the park internal voltage level is transformed to a voltage level of the high voltage network by transformers. The high-voltage power lines lead the green energy then from the offshore platform to a high-voltage direct current transmission station (HVDC station) or directly to the mainland.

Pile-Sleeve-Connection (© DONG Energy)
Submodel of a Pile-Sleeve Connection
Assessment a Pile-Sleeve Connection

Structural analysis of an offshore platform with natural frequency analysis:

Offshore platforms consist of the topside, the support structure and the foundation. For fixed platforms anchored mostly Jackets are performed in combination with driven piles. The foundation piles (Piles) are driven by the side of the jacket legs mounted steel tubes (sleeves). The so-called Pile-Sleeve-Connection is then filled with grout, the annular gap between the driven pile and sleeve is is filled with a high strength grout.


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