Chimneys and stacks

Tubular steel towers are used in the chemical industry with acidic or basic exhaust gases. In this case, either a coating of the structural steel prevents rapid corrosion or stainless steels are used as an alternative. The individual steel pipe sections are connected to each other via ring flange connections and fixed anchors in foundation befestigt.

The design of steel pipe sections for chimneys is very similar to that of supporting structures for wind turbines. The main stress on the chimneys is the wind. In some cases, high temperatures or ice accumulation are also added, which must be taken into account in the design. In particular, the wind-induced transverse vibrations must be investigated in these slender and tall structures. There is vortex-excited transverse vibration when vortices alternately detach on opposite sides of a structure. If the excitation by the wind is in the frequency range of the structure, resonance effects and a build-up of oscillations across the wind can occur.

The SKI Ingenieurges. mbH can carry out structural analyses. This includes the determination of earthquake, vibration and wind loads as well as the development of a suitable calculation model and the execution of the simulations and evaluation of the results.


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