Mast and antennas

Masts and antennas Nowadays, hardly any classic transmission masts are erected, as the use of existing structures is usually sufficient for digital data radio. For example, available areas on the tubular towers or lattice masts of wind turbines are used for this purpose. Another possibility is to use wind turbines that have reached the end of their service life. In this case


Job offer for civil engineers

Stellenangebot Dipl.-Ing. / Master für Bauingenieurwesen (Uni oder FH) mit Schwerpunkt konstruktiver Ingenieurbau (m/w/d) Die SKI Ingenieurges. mbH sucht eine(n) Bauingenieur(in) mit sehr guter Qualifikation, Spaß an konstruktiven und innovativen Aufgaben sowie der Bereitschaft, Projekte eigenständig zu betreuen. Wir bieten einen unbefristeten Arbeitsvertrag für einen abwechslungsreichen und interessanten Arbeitsplatz im Zentrum von Hannover. Bereits gesammelte

Chimneys and stacks

Chimneys and stacks In the chemical industry with acidic or basic waste gases, tubular steel towers are used. In this case, either a coating of the structural steel prevents rapid corrosion or stainless steels are used as an alternative. The individual steel pipe sections are connected to each other via ring flange connections and fixed in the foundation by means of anchors. The design of the steel pipe sections for chimneys is

Earth quake simulation

Earthquake simulation In regions with high earthquake accelerations, earthquakes can become the decisive load effect. Especially in the case of elevated structures such as silos and tank farms, this has a great influence on the frame construction. To determine the earthquake load, the construction is divided into individual mass points and the acceleration due to earthquake is applied. The acceleration is made up of the basic value of the ground acceleration,


Internship Civil engineering students (TU/FH) with focus on structural engineering SKI Ingenieurges. mbH is looking for interns who enjoy constructive and innovative tasks. We offer a varied and interesting internship in Hanover. Preference is given to students specialising in "structural engineering" in the higher semesters. This is an advantage but not a requirement. If you are interested in the profession

Appointment to Professor

Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf was appointed professor for offshore constructions at Kiel University of Applied Sciences in 2015. At the Institute of Shipbuilding and Maritime Technology he is responsible for development and research in this field...

Public appointment and swearing-in

The Chamber of Engineers of Lower Saxony represented by the President of the Chamber of Engineers of Lower Saxony, Dipl.-Ing. Kammeyer, publicly appointed and sworn in Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf as an expert for supporting structures of onshore and offshore wind turbines on September 1, 2015.

Commemorative publication

In honor of Professor Peter Schaumann and to mark the completion of his 60th birthday, the staff of the Institute for Steel Construction at Leibniz University of Hanover have written a commemorative publication. In addition to the current staff of the institute and the former PhD students of Professor Schaumann, many colleagues and companions have followed the request and contributed to the Festschrift.


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