Services in the field of tank construction

Tank structures often have a circular cylindrical or square ground plan and are assembled as thin plates or panels.

In addition to the stress analyses, the global and local stability cases must also be checked. This includes e.g.

  • Circumferential pressure dents caused by wind load and / or vacuum
  • Axial pressure buckling as a result of roof and snow loads
  • Shear buckling due to a torsional moment (eg, agitator) 
  • Local instabilities (eg, ports of consoles, manhole)
  • Verification of the substructure (e.g. connections, kinks)
  • Anchoring in foundation (e.g. foot ring stiffener, anchor plate, anchor rods)

The portfolio of containers, silos and tanks includes a wide range of different designs and uses. There are containers with underground installation, substructure or intermediate and standing frame.

Just as different are the performances of the different bottoms from thorispherical, conical, spherical head or flat bottom to the hopper.

Depending on the material or filling, other proofs are used to a higher degree. For example, bulk materials cause additional axial loads during filling or emptying or the earthquakes which lead to a higher load in case of axial buckling. In the case of liquids as well as overpressure, the tensile forces in the shell plate due to the ring tensile forces become decisive. Negative pressure due to operation as well as wind effects have an effect on the buckling proof in circumferential direction.

Installation of a welded tank
Silogruppe: Ein- und Mehrkammertanks
Silo group: single and multi-chamber tanks
Filter mit Standzarge
Double silo

Als Beispiel für die vielfältigen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der numerischen Simulationen ist unter anderem in den folgenden Abbildungen dargestellt.

Spannungsberechnung eines Preheaters
Spannungsberechnung eines Preheaters
FEM Berechnung eines Trebersilos
FEM calculation for a spent grains silo
Verformung insole des Innendruckes
Verformung insole des Innendruckes

As an example of the manifold application possibilities of numerical simulations, the influence of the ring stiffness on the deformations of a filled steel vessel in circumferential direction is shown in the following figures, among others.

Our services

The dimensioning for the tank structures is based on the Eurocodes as well as AD2000, DIN EN 14015 and DIN EN 13445. The following services for tank construction can be provided by SKI Ingenieurgesellschaft

  • Static calculations for tanks and foundation slabs
  • Evidence and assessments concerning the increase of existing tanks
  • Detailnachweise (z.B. für das Mannloch, Hebeösen, Augenstäbe, Rohrstutzen)
  • Dynamic calculations (z.B. infolge eines Rührwerks, Wirbeleregte Querschwingungen, Galopping)
  • Evidence for earthquake loads
  • Pressure vessels (e.g. pressure-shock-resistant design, burst pressure)
  • Numerical simulationsn (e.g. buckling stability under wind load, pressure conditions)
  • Substructures (including connections)
  • Anchorages in the foundation (anchor rods, claws, anchor plates, injection anchors)
  • Gutachten bei Schadensfällen und Havarien

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